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The Vintage Years
A Restrospective Poster Autographed by John Fitch
24" x 36" Color Poster
Limited Availability
Autographed by John Fitch

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Corvette Anniversary Poster

The poster illustrates and dramatizes racing on spectacular circuits the world over. From Argentina through the Panamericana in Mexico to Sebring, Road America, Bridgehampton, Laguna Seca, to the daunting 14 mile Nurnburgring, the 47 mile lap of the Targa Florio, Monza, Le Mans, the Monte Carlo and Alpine Rallys over the Alps and, of course, Lime Rock.

And the Cars! Cars of real character, even charisma, from the precious 356 Porsche of Ferry himself at the 'ring in 1952, when that was the one and only Porsche, just beginning its fabulous racing records.

From the thundering American V8s in the Cunninghams and Corvettes, to the technical marvel of the time, the Mercedes 300 SLR with its desmodromic valves and air brake to the best in between - Ferrari, Jaguar and Maserati - they covered the spectrum of the 50's generation.

Come ride with us in romantic places, wheeling vintage racing cars that were the shining state of the art in their day.

In addition to his intimate involvement in the evolution of the Corvette, John is known in the field of Highway safety as an innovator since the mid-sixties. Most notable among his accomplishments is the Fitch Barrier, the array of yellow barrels seen in front of bridge abutments throughout the United States. In 1998 he was presented with the Stonex Award from the Transportation Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences for his lifetime achievements in road safety, worldwide.

John's motivation began when his co-driver crashed at Le Mans in the fifties and eighty-five spectators were killed. Since then thousands of lives have been saved on the nation's highways by his yellow- barrel crash cushions (See The Fitch Barrier) and he now intends to advance safety in racing by the demonstration of new concepts that are described on this website.

This is an opportunity for Corvette enthusiasts to contribute to the cause of safety in racing while acquiring an autographed fiftieth anniversary keepsake. Proceeds from each 24" x 36" poster will be dedicated to racing safety.

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