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The Driver Capsule concept is comprehensive in its treatment of every recognized aspect of the means of reducing the G forces acting on the human physique. However, are-thinking of the urgency of the need to deal effectively with basilar skull fracture and hyperextension of the neck has led to a different approach to achieve acceptance, to accelerate the development and to bring the Basic Driver Capsule version into production and wide use in the shortest possible time. This policy recognizes that the racing community demands a simple, inexpensive retrofit that can be available in months, rather than the time that fabricators contemplate when presented with the broad comprehensiveness of the complete Driver Capsule design. (See also the Fitch Full Driver Capsule)
The Basic Driver Capsule incorporates only the principal feature of the original, the hinged seat-back - the feature that reduces life-threatening accelerations more effectively than anything currently proposed. Reduced to essentials, the original metal hip hinge is replaced by a seat-back pivot integral with the lap belt and its anchor, as illustrated.

The seat-back pivots at the driver's hip. The lap belt threads through slots, thus the mechanical hinge of the original design is replaced by a second function of the lap belt in the Basic Driver Capsule. Multiple slots for the lap belt and the shoulder straps through the seat-back accomodate all drivers.

Use of the belt in this manner may be controversial in view of the recent focus on belt efficiency related to its alignment. Any secondary use of belts must have the full approval of all parties. Without it, the use of the belts will revert to the original metal hinge.

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